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Centurion Truck Scale

Since 2002, the Centurion represents the heaviest built and most durable truck scale on the market. The Centurion is our flagship product and offers many...

Hybrid Truck Scale

A slightly lighter duty version of our Centurion. This scale can also be customized to match any existing foundation. The Hybrid is available in steel...

Duratron Truck Scale

In continuous production for more than 40 years, the Duratron is still especially popular for the lowest profile applications. Available in steel and...

Endurance Truck Scale

The Endurance is built with similar construction to the Hybrid. This scale features steel deck construction and is designed for lower traffic applications.

Portable Truck Scale

Portable Centurion and Hybrid models are designed to be moved. These scales are equipped with a full self-contained portability frame and two integral-reinforced...

PVS Portable Electro-Mechanical Truck Scale

Above ground electro-mechanical pipe lever system with full portability frame