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SuperSack Bagging Scale

The B-TEK Super Sack weighing system is the ideal solution for bag-filling applications. We offer several options, ranging from just the frame if you have...

Portable Hopper Scale

From fertilizers to grains, the B-TEK Portable Hopper Scale is the perfect fit and solution for agriculture customers.

Large Single Animal Livestock Scale

The B-TEK Single Animal Livestock Scale offers reliable weighing for a wide range of livestock.

Small Single Animal Livestock Scale

Designed to weigh any livestock with ease and accuracy, the B-TEK Small Animal Livestock Scale is your go-to solution for weighing small livestock.

Colossus HI-IMPACT Digital Coil Scale

Designed to withstand the tough and demanding needs within the primary metal manufacturing and processing industry.

HI-IMPACT Analog Coil Scale

The HI-IMPACT series scales can be utilized in a number of applications, including coil, pipe, and steel processing.