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SuperSack Bagging Scale

The B-TEK Super Sack weighing system is the ideal solution for bag-filling applications. We offer several options, ranging from just the frame if you have an existing 5x5 floor scale, a package that includes a 10k capacity scale and frame, to the full solution that also includes the controller/indicator.

AX300 Axle Scale

Portable weighing with a heavy-duty bridge between the platforms.

AquaShield Washdown Bench Scale

The AquaShield Bench Scale is the newest addition to our bench scale family. This scale is designed for washdown applications and is available in stainless steel.

WorldWEIGH Portion WD Bench Scale

The WorldWEIGH Portion WD Bench Scale is an economical washdown scale for capacities up to 30 lbs. This scale is popular in food and chemical applications where accurate weighing of ingredients is crucial.

AccuSure Precision Bench Scale

The AccuSure is an economical bench scale offering capacities up to 60 lbs. This scale is equipped with a stainless steel platter and a rechargeable battery.

DuraShield Bench Scale Complete

The ready-to-ship DuraShield Bench Scale Complete package is the perfect solution for general weighing, check weighing and counting. It features a 100 lb. capacity scale platform and T104P scale indicator with matching column. The DuraShield Bench Scale arrives fully calibrated so you can put it to work as soon as it's delivered.