What Makes A Scale Fit For The Aviation Industry?

From commercial air cargo to private civil aviation, proper weight distribution is a critical component to not only the performance of the aircraft, but also the safety of the passengers. We have developed tailored weighing solutions for the aviation industry to provide you the most accurate measurements possible coupled with our industry leading lineup of weight indicators which bring you unmatched reliability and ease-of-use.


  • Integrated Express Carriers
  • All Cargo Freighter Airlines
  • Commercial Passenger Airlines
  • Commercial Airports
  • Civil Airports
  • Cargo Companies


  • Landing Gear
  • Air Cargo


  • Operational Safety
  • FAA Regulations
  • Cargo Weighing
  • Pallet Weighing

Taking Weighing Solutions To New Heights.

When Every Pound Counts, Count On B-TEK Scales

Cargo Scales

Get the most accurate pre-flight available with our flagship cargo scale featuring a 10' x 10' weighing deck with 360 degree ramp access allowing for an easy transition for lift trucks and pallet jacks from the floor to the scale. 
Cargo Scales
Axle Scales

Axle Scales

Axle scales like out AX200, are the perfect weighing option for private civil aircraft to ensure proper weight distribution prior to takeoff. 

Advanced Indicators

Take your scale to the next level with one of our freely programmable indicators such as the SKYNET DD1050 designed for advanced weighing calculations, such as: tabulating the total cargo weight prior to loading and generating automated reports. 
Advanced Indicators

The Whole Package

AX200 Axle Scale

Features two platforms with two rigidly mounted load cells per platform with no moving suspension parts to wear or load feet to bend or break

AX300 Axle Scale

Portable weighing with a heavy-duty bridge between the platforms.

SKYNET DD1050 Indicator

The SKYNET DD1050 is a fully integrated scale information and control terminal, specifically designed for ease of operator interaction.

DD1050ic version: desk mount with ingress rating of IP20 / NEMA 1
DD1050i version: wall mount with ingress rating of IP69k / NEMA 4x

Clydesdale Stainless Steel Lift Deck

Easy-to-clean stainless steel lift deck, ideal for sanitary applications

Pancake Cargo Scale

Most accessible, low profile scale, featuring 360° ramping covering on all perimeters

Dual Ramp Cargo Scale

Dual ramp design for efficient cargo handling and ease of use

T403S Indicator

With a full keypad, USB connection, and optional wireless Ethernet, the T403S is pivotal for flawless connectivity.

T405S Indicator

Designed for industrial applications that require advanced weighing routines and high connectivity.
Helping You Lift Off

Helping You Lift Off

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