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Industrial Bench Scale

Since 1997 our Industrial Bench Scale has been the most durable bench scale on the market. Available in custom sizes and stainless or carbon steel construction.

AquaShield Washdown Bench Scale

The AquaShield Bench Scale is the newest addition to our bench scale family. This scale is designed for washdown applications and is available in stainless steel.

AquaShield Max High Pressure Washdown Bench Scale

Built for the ultimate washdown applications. Stainless steel construction and components with an IP69K rating. FDA compliant.

WorldWEIGH Portion WD Bench Scale

The WorldWEIGH Portion WD Bench Scale is an economical washdown scale for capacities up to 30 lbs. Stainless steel platter with a rechargeable battery.

Clydesdale Stainless Steel Lift Deck

Our flagship floor scale with enhanced features for full clean out and wash-down environments. Stainless steel construction.

WorldWEIGH Floor Scale

Our most economical line. The WorldWEIGH floor scale features similar construction to the 4 Square, with the addition of an indicator. Arrives fully calibrated.