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AquaShield Washdown Bench Scale

The AquaShield Bench Scale is the newest addition to our bench scale family. This scale is designed for washdown applications and is available in stainless steel.

C100 Compact Bench Piece Counting Scale

The WorldWEIGH C100 is an economical counting scale that can be used for capacities up to 100 lbs. Simple, portable and easy to use, the C100 is the go-to for inventory checks in any industry.

WorldWEIGH C200 Bench Scale

The WorldWEIGH C200 is the ultimate hybrid between a bench and counting scale. This scale can handle capacities up to 600 lbs. ABS construction with a stainless steel platter.

Skynet 2050 Self-Service Kiosk

The Skynet 2050 Self-Service Kiosk empowers weighing operations through automation. Transition an existing scale to self-service by connecting to an existing NTEP-approved weight indicator in your scale house, or install a full solution by adding a mounted enclosure and indicator at the scale.

Skynet DD 1010 Weighing Terminal

The ic model includes a stainless enclosure with desk mount mount with external connections and an ingress rating of IP20 / NEMA 1

DD 700 Weighing Terminal

This weighing terminal comes preloaded with both single weighing and truck in / truck out programs.