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DD 700 Weighing Terminal

This weighing terminal comes preloaded with both single weighing and truck in / truck out programs.

Skynet DD 1010 Weighing Terminal

The ic model includes a stainless enclosure with desk mount mount with external connections and an ingress rating of IP20 / NEMA 1

DD 1050 Weighing Terminal

The DD 1050 is a perfect solution for walking an operator through a series of steps and printing weigh tickets or saving and transferring the data to a central server.

DD 2050 Self Service Weighing Terminal

The DD 2050 comes pre-loaded with standard in-out software and is NTEP approved for your legal for trade applications.

DD 1010 Weighing Terminal

The DD 1010 can handle a maximum of 2 scale inputs while offering developers a fully programmable.  The original DD1010 is transitioning to the DD1010 Skynet, stock is limited to the DD1010i Analog indicators.

D70ES Multi-Functional Analog Indicator

Inclusive of powerful functions such as Truck I/O, its the only indicator in its class that fits most needs on everything from bench to floor to truck scales.