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SKYNET 2050 Self-Service Kiosk

The SKYNET 2050 Self-Service Kiosk empowers weighing operations through automation. Transition an existing scale to self-service by connecting to an existing NTEP-approved weight indicator in your scale house, or install a full solution by adding a mounted enclosure and indicator at the scale.

T403S Indicator

With a full keypad, USB connection, and optional wireless Ethernet, the T403S is pivotal for flawless connectivity.

T405S Indicator

Designed for industrial applications that require advanced weighing routines and high connectivity.

Pit Type Truck Scale

The B-TEK Pit Type In-Ground Truck Scale is a reliable and robust solution designed for commercial and heavy industrial applications. This advanced scale system offers superior durability and accuracy, featuring a 3/8” tread deck or 6” concrete deck that provides a solid driving surface for heavy vehicles.