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Standard Truck In / Truck Out

Truck I/O Software is included with advanced DD series indicators. It provides basic truck in/out functionality with the ability to operate scoreboards and photo eyes. It can be used attended or unattended depending on your need.

Truck In / Truck Out Plus

B-TEK’s Truck In/Out weighing application is the perfect solution for simplifying the weighing process on advanced DD Series indicators. It includes built-in functionality for traffic lights, scoreboards, photo eyes, and more. The application can be configured to function within an attended or unattended format depending on your weighing process needs. Truck I/O Plus Software features the ability to generate end-of-day reporting, integrate RFID technology, and create custom prompts for any weighing application. Additional functionality such as mobile access to data is also available through custom development and integration. *B-TEK Data Studio can be added to remotely access data