Designed to limit downtime by isolating and reporting hardware issues, Nexia is a cloud-based platform that provides full insight into scale performance. Nexia provides detailed health monitoring with preventive maintenance suggestions and break-fix solutions, resulting in decreased downtime and lower overall repair costs. It provides remote visibility into your scale, allowing technicians to arrive informed, prepared, and able to quickly solve outages. Offering analytics in real-time, Nexia also provides detailed performance data that can be easily viewed and exported into existing systems and software.

Access Portal

  • Secure, 24x7 access from anywhere
  • Quickly analyze trends and scale performance
  • Generate, export and share performance reports

Data Analytics

  • 54 points of data transferred and converted to usable scale information
  • Analyze trends to optimize throughput and efficiency
  • Identify unusual activity within a fleet of scales


  • Arrive prepared with the proper equipment
  • Quickly isolate and repair faulty hardware
  • Recommended break/fix solutions

Alert System

  • Preventative alerts prior to scale outage
  • Automated scale outage notifications
  • Abuse monitoring alerts
  • Maintenance reminders
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