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Wireless Intercom Kits

The radio call box can be installed virtually anywhere to maximize manpower efficiency,

2-Way Hand Held Radio

For use with the wireless system when scale operators need to move around an area

Base Station - 10 CH VHF Intercom

1 - 2 Mile outdoor line of sight range

Call Box - VHF, Green

1 - 2 Mile outdoor line of sight range

LoudMouth Speaker and Radio

VHF 150-165 MHz Radio Receiver with PA Speaker and power supply

Mounting Bracket - Call Box to Bottom of DD2050

Mounting bracket hood for the bottom of a DD2050 panel

Call Box 4" Pole Mount Goose Neck

Call Box 4" pole mount Goose Neck with Hardware

LoudMouth Speaker 4" Pole Mount Bracket

LoudMouth Speaker 4" pole mount bracket with hardware.

LoudMouth Radio and Solar Option 4" Pole Mount Bracket

LoudMouth Radio and Solar option 4" pole mount bracket with hardware.

Call Box AC Adapter

6-Conductor w/ Heyco strain relief. Includes both RPS-EXPO AC Adapter and #60201124 Cable

Call Box Goose Neck Mounting Plate

Mounting plate for Goose Neck post and Includes hardware to attach plate to Call Box

LoudMouth Outdoor Weather Enclosure

Tamper-Resistant fiberglass housing for LoudMouth Speaker

Call Box Programming Kit

PC Programming Kit for Q-Series Call Boxes

Call Box Programming Cable

Programming Cable to connect PC to the radio call box

JobCom Base Station Programming Cable

JobCom Base Station RPT-PCPK-9-USB PC Programming. Includes software and cable. 

LoudMouth Programming Cable

LoudMouth RPT-PCPK-12-USB PC Programming Cable. Includes software and cable. 

"Y" Adapter - 2 Horns to 1 Radio

Permits additional coverage by directing speakers in opposite directions to one another.

LoudMouth Speaker

LoudMouth PA Horn Speaker only.