Whether you have short-term projects or truck weighing needs that vary, a B-TEK Portable Truck Scale is your ideal solution for a flexible scale to adapt to various situations without compromising accuracy and functionality. Portable Centurion and Hybrid scales come equipped with a full portability frame and two integral-reinforced bulkheads assemblies. The entire frame locks down to secure the weighbridge and the frame together for easy transport without disassembly of the load cell mounts.

B-TEK’s Portable Centurion is designed with enhancements specifically tailored to make service and calibration easy and efficient:
  • The portability frame includes (2) integrally reinforced bulkhead assemblies
  • Hermetically sealed stainless steel (IP68/69K) load cells – Ultimate protection from harsh weather environments
  • Large top-access covers - each load cell is accessible for easy installation, calibration, and service
  • Dual calibration storage - download the calibration from the indicator to the load cells or upload from the load cells to the indicator, providing speedy plug-and-play replacement
  • Nexia™ remote monitoring - provides full insight into scale performance through detailed health monitoring and event notifications
  • NTEP Certified Legal for Trade
  • Steel Deck - 3/8” tread plate
  • Capacity: up to 270,000 lb.
  • Stainless steel compression column load cells, hermetically sealed (IP68/69K)
  • Poly-coated stainless steel sheathed cables
  • Stainless steel junction box
  • Full-system surge voltage / lightning protection


  • Certificate of Conformance: 03-096A3
  • Type: Centurion scale with full portability frame and (2) integral reinforced bulkhead assemblies.
  • Full length channel frame with lock-down tabs to tie the weighbridge and frame together for transport without disassembly of load cell mounts.
  • Scale Capacity: Up to 270,000 lb
  • Concentrated Load Capacity: 100,000 lb
  • “r” Factor Rating: 2.94
  • Scale Height: 17”
  • Available Widths: 10’ & 11’ standard widths (12’ by request)
  • Weighbridge Deck: 3/8” tread plate decking - welded to Quad Beam weighbridge
  • Steel Preparation: Commercial blast cleaning SSPC-SP6
  • Paint System: Cross linked two-part epoxy primer followed by polyurethane topcoat Load Cell: 77K CPD-M digital compression column load cell, RS-485 digital output, stainl
  • Load Cell Cable: Stainless steel sheathed cable with clear polymer coating and water-tight connectors
  • Junction Box Digital: NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure(s) and 8-cell terminal board with GDT surge protection
  • Surge Protection: CPD-M digital load cells along with DD Series indicator protect against lightning.
  • Built-in surge protection enhanced by Tripp-Lite Isobar Ultra 4-Outlet AC line transient protection device and two in-line serial port surge protection devices
  • Warranty: 5 Year “End-Wall to End-Wall” parts, labor and travel warranty covering weighbridge, load cells, junction box and indicator from failure or damage due to lightning
  • Indicator: Supplied with a DD700 desktop digital indicator


Options & Accessories

Centurion / Hybrid Sight Rail
Product Code: TS-SR-SP-8H-R
Advanced DD Series Upgrade
Product Code: TS-2050UPGRADE-STDTIO
Indicator and Column
Cellular Kit & Year Service
Truck IN/OUT Software
Portable Truck Scale Approach
Product Code: PORT-1011-LAPP
Portable Truck Scale Ramp
Product Code: PORT-2011-RAMP
DD 700 Weighing Terminal
Product Code: 899-100131
Indicator and Column
Skynet DD 1010 Weighing Terminal
Product Code: 899-100183
Indicator and Column
DD 1050 Weighing Terminal
Product Code: 899-100034
Indicator and Column
DD 2050 Self Service Weighing Terminal
Product Code: 899-100081
Product Code: 825-200005
Indicator and Column

Replacement Parts