Above ground electro-mechanical pipe lever system with full portability frame and (optional) bulkhead
assemblies. Full-length channel frame with lock-down tabs to tie the weighbridge and frame together for transport without disassembly.

Shown in Picture:

PVS35504 x 10
35' x 10' PVS Electro-mechanical Portable MTS
(Optional) Bolted Bulkheads Shown
(Optional) Wing Walls Shown
(2) 35' ModulesAre Placed End-to-End For 70' Scale

Scale includes:

  • Weighbridge modules
  • Weighbridge assembly hardware
  • Full channel frame
  • Load cell
  • Load cell stand
  • Junction box
  • Tripp Lite Isobar Ultra 4 -outlet surge protection device
  • (2) Order specific scale/foundation print
  • 24" x 24" Manhole included for access to suspension/lever system

The scale does not include:

  • Foundation anchors
  • (optional) Bulkheads
  • (optional) Gravel retainers
  • Freight cost to site and any other required permits

Weighbridge, frame & (optional) bulkheads ship from the factory fully assembled

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