A good handshake, eye contact, and someone's word still mean something to us. We take ownership and do what we say we'll do - every time.

We only hire, promote, and pay based on performance. Why? Because we depend on our top-notch workforce every day to tackle obstacles and get the job done.

By hiring the best, we have peace of mind knowing that our employees are always striving to improve - we never stop learning.

Our priority is and will always be designing and supporting weighing solutions that help you solve problems – not trendy social movements.

Urgency is paramount. The trust you’ve built with customers means something to us. We exhaust all resources to make sure we hit your delivery date.

Who serves you is important. Character matters to us, not basic immutable traits.

We're not a selfie culture; we value being good teammates. We listen, encourage debate and don't get outraged when someone doesn't agree with us.

We're a growing fourth-generation company. That doesn't happen by chance; our success is rooted in a WE not ME attitude.

We're pros - We take pride in our professional image, the resources we have been given, and our trade.

If all this sounds like pretty standard stuff, it is. Sadly, though, this message seems to have been lost on many companies. Our traditional, conservative American family values have kept us in business successfully for almost a hundred years. We value our American Grit - there's no reason to switch gears and sacrifice our integrity for current and future generations.