What Makes A Scale Fit For The Mining & Aggregate Industry?

As a leading manufacturer of the most durable and accurate truck scales for over 90 years, B-TEK knows how to address the issues of weighing in the mining and aggregate industry. We have hundreds of hopper and truck scales operating in facilities across North America. Contact us today to see how B-TEK can help grow you aggregate & mining business.


  • Ready Mix Plants
  • Batching Plants
  • Gravel Pits
  • Paving Companies
  • Frac Sand Plants
  • Salt Mines
  • Commercial Mines
  • Stone Quarries


  • Salt
  • Concrete
  • Cement


  • Commercial Trade
  • Batching
  • Filing
  • Production Control

Experience the B-TEK Difference

Above Ground or
Heavy Duty Pit Installation

Flexibility of installation allows you to determine what type of scale works best for your operation and jobsite.
Above Ground or<br>Heavy Duty Pit Installation
Heavy Duty Sight Rails

Heavy Duty Sight Rails

Customizable Sight Rails allow operators to easily maneuver through the scale.

Reduce Material Build Up

Intentional weighbridge design and available Riser Blocks allow for more clearance under the deck for reduced cleanout frequency.
Reduce Material Build Up
Hermetically Sealed Load Cells

Hermetically Sealed Load Cells

Performance and accuracy far beyond traditional analog components, hermetically sealed for easy cleaning and built in surge protection.

The Complete Package

DD 2050 Self Service Weighing Terminal

The DD 2050 comes pre-loaded with standard in-out software and is NTEP approved for your legal for trade applications.

ScaleSoft .NET

Encompassing more than scale traffic monitoring, ScaleSoft .NET can track materials, sales orders, invoices, and more.

Centurion Truck Scale

Since 2002, the Centurion represents the heaviest built and most durable truck scale on the market. The Centurion is our flagship product and offers many unique and customizable features.

Portable Truck Scale

Portable Centurion and Hybrid models are designed to be moved. These scales are equipped with a full self-contained portability frame and two integral-reinforced bulkheads.

Pit Type Truck Scale

Pit Type truck scales are used mainly for retrofitting deep-pit foundations. These scales are installed at grade where entrance/exit ramping is typically not required.

Off Road Vehicle Scale

The B-TEK Off Road Vehicle Scale combines a robust design with cutting edge technology to provide the most accurate and reliable solution on the market.

*Shown with optional site rail

Ready To Scale Your Business?

Ready To Scale Your Business?

Contact our sales representatives to see how B-TEK scales can help your mining and aggregate business
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