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Centurion Truck Scale

The Centurion is the only vehicle weighing system of its kind available, offering the latest digital technology in a unique, modular design. It's the most...

Hybrid Truck Scale

The Hybrid truck scale utilizes the latest digital technology, providing accuracy in up to 10 lb graduations while maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime.

Duratron Truck Scale

The Duratron is great for retrofit projects and commercial applications where space is a premium.*Shown with optional site rail

Endurance Truck Scale

The I-beams are equally distributed across the width of the platform and oriented longitudinally, similar to the design of a highway road bridge.

Portable Truck Scale

Portable Centurion and Hybrid scales come equipped with a full portability frame and two integral-reinforced bulkheads assemblies.*Shown with optional...

PVS Portable Electro-Mechanical Truck Scale

Above ground electro-mechanical pipe lever system with full portability frame