What to Expect

Deep knowledge from vets of the scale industry - The instructors for this course have extensive experience as field scale technicians
Concentrated learning experience - Class size is limited to 4 technicians or less, providing personalized attention between the instructors and students
Come prepared to actively participate - Classes involve hands on learning situations along with standard classroom activities requiring discussion and note taking
3.5 Day schedule - 8am to 4pm - Tuesday through noon on Friday
What to bring - Digital multi-meter with alligator clips, scale simulator, soldering iron with solder and basic, electrical hand tools for building a homerun cable
Provided - Water, soda, snacks and Lunch on the full (8am to 4pm) days

Course List

Expectations of a Scale Service Technician
Learn how to properly interact with customers and present a professional image
Scale Service Tools and Equipment
Discover what equipment is needed and best suited for a professional scale technician
Fundamental Electronics
Learn fundamental electrical and electronic theory including terminology, digital multimeter usage, basic soldering and home run cable construction
“The Big 3"
Good 120VAC power, good excitation voltage and good deadload signal mV are the “Big 3" voltages critical to the proper operation of an electronic scale
Loadcell Theory and Troubleshooting
Learn how a loadcell operates, the different types of loadcells found in the field and the 5-step process to electrically test a loadcell
Scale Simulators
Learn a 5-step process to properly use a scale simulator when testing an indicator in the field
General Scale Setup and Fundamental Troubleshooting
Learn the eight basic parameters that must be configured to set up a scale indicator and an overall core process for troubleshooting a scale
Writing a Service Report
Learn how to create complete service reports that accurately describe a service call, including the five fundamental points that should be included on all service reports
ISO 17025 and Handbook 44 Calibrations
Learn scale math, tolerances, scale and weight classes, as well as how to perform a proper ISO 17025/ Handbook 44 test on a scale

Take Home Materials

  • Binder containing training materials, wiring diagrams, cheat sheets and handwritten notes
  • Example homerun cable built by the student during the class to serve as an example when they are in the field
  • Set of laminated 4x6 toolbox reference cards
  • Ongoing training checklist of over 60 testable areas covering technical and personal skills (to be completed with the student's manager)
  • Access to over 30 online training modules
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