B-TEK History

Our story began in the service industry so we know tough environments because we've worked in them for over 90 years. B-TEK has earned the reputation of building the most durable scales - an honor that could only be forged from the demanding steel industries in Northeastern Ohio almost a century ago.


B-TEK Tough

Being called upon to build scales that would hold up to off-road vehicle traffic while withstanding winters on Lake Erie is how we transitioned from the fixing scales to building them.

Our team of engineers are always pushing the envelope to deliver the highest quality weighing systems built to withstand even the harshest applications. Your scale generates revenue for your business and you should expect it to be reliable!


B-TEK Design

From scales that can handle over a million pounds down to scales that handle ounces, we share the same principles down through everything we design. Manufacturing custom and retrofit scales sets us apart in the industry.

Do you have a foundation in good shape but a scale that needs replaced? We make scales to fit virtually any length, width or height. And this doesn’t just apply to vehicle scales, we build custom and retrofit floor scales, bench scales, tank scales and more.

Whether it’s a direct replacement for an older model or adding an option that you never knew was possible, we can help!


B-TEK TruDigital

As one of the only companies in the world to manufacture digital load cells, we've done more than just make your scales durable - we've made them smarter too! Industry leading warranties, predictive error logging, automatic data uploading and protection against lightning strikes, these are just a few of the things that we guarantee with our TRUDigital technology. In other words - electronics that are smart and intuitive.


B-TEK Distribution

We have a distributor network which spans all of North American and includes over 150 different companies. Customer service is at the forefront of who we are and what we do. We understand that even the best equipment in the world needs occasional service and we have made sure to partner with the most responsive service providers in the country. Rest assured, when you call somebody will answer.