What Makes A Scale Fit For The Agriculture and Farming Industry?

As a leading manufacturer of the most durable and accurate truck scales for over 90 years, B-TEK knows how to address the issues of weighing in the agriculture and farming industry. B-TEK can custom manufacture any of our scale options to directly meet the need of your operation including truck, livestock, hopper and axle scales.

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  • Feed Lots
  • Commercial Farms
  • Co-op Farms
  • Dairy Farms
  • Stables
  • Orchards
  • Hemp Farms
  • County Fairs
  • Veterinary Practices


  • Livestock
  • Crops
  • Grain
  • Fertilizer
  • Feed
  • Super Sacks


  • Commercial Trade-NTEP
  • Feed/Fertilizer Batching
  • Filing
  • Production Control
  • Yield Insurance
  • Feed Management
  • Axle Weight Compliance



Farming operations looking to roll off the plot ready to sell their sell their yield on the commercial market need an NTEP approved truck scale such as the flagship B-TEK Centurion Truck Scale.


If direct to market isn't a part of your business as a co-op farmer or other establishment, it is still recommended that any heavy-duty traffic off your lot is protected by axle weight compliance. Affordable, and portable options such the B-TEK AX200 or AX300 can protect you from potentially costly fines and penalties.

The Complete Package

Portable Hopper Scale

From fertilizers to grains, the B-TEK Portable Hopper Scale is the perfect fit and solution for agriculture customers.

Large Single Animal Livestock Scale

The B-TEK Single Animal Livestock Scale offers reliable weighing for a wide range of livestock.

Small Single Animal Livestock Scale

Designed to weigh any livestock with ease and accuracy, the B-TEK Small Animal Livestock Scale is your go-to solution for weighing small livestock.

AX200 Axle Scale

Features two platforms with two rigidly mounted load cells per platform with no moving suspension parts to wear or load feet to bend or break

AX300 Axle Scale

Portable weighing with a heavy-duty bridge between the platforms.

Skynet 2050 Self-Service Kiosk

The Skynet 2050 Self-Service Kiosk empowers weighing operations through automation. Transition an existing scale to self-service by connecting to an existing NTEP-approved weight indicator in your scale house, or install a full solution by adding a mounted enclosure and indicator at the scale.

Skynet DD 1010 Weighing Terminal

The ic model includes a stainless enclosure with desk mount mount with external connections and an ingress rating of IP20 / NEMA 1

DD 700 Weighing Terminal

This weighing terminal comes preloaded with both single weighing and truck in / truck out programs.

Clydesdale Stainless Steel Floor Scale

The Clydesdale floor scale is designed for use in a variety of industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications.

Clydesdale Carbon Steel Floor Scale

The Clydesdale floor scale is designed for use in a variety of industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications.

Weigh Rails

Weigh Rails are the ideal solution for all types of farm and animal weighing applications.

SETM Load Cell Mount

Popular for lower capacity hopper and tank scales, conveyors, and batching/blending systems.

EZTM Series

Tank Weighing mount assemblies are popular in tank and hopper scales, bins, and material handling equipment.

DETM Load Cell Mount

DETM Series Mounting Assemblies are popular for hopper and tank scales, batching/blending systems, and conveyor scales.

LCMT Mounting Assembly

Popular in lighter capacity applications including small tank and hopper scales and conveyor scales.

T104 Indicator

The T104P and T104S indicators are ideal for general weighing, simple parts counting and check weighing using the multi-color Stacklight display. They are the perfect option for bench scales and floor scales used in production, packaging, warehousing, inventory and shipping/receiving.

D70ES Multi-Functional Analog Indicator

Inclusive of powerful functions such as Truck I/O, its the only indicator in its class that fits most needs on everything from bench to floor to truck scales.

BWS - Battery Powered Indicator

The BWS is the right solution for your weighing applications that require a rugged and versatile indicator with an affordable price point.

Monorail Scale

48” overall length, Live Rail: 24” x 2-1/2” x 1/2” standard – call for custom rail sizes and lengths

ScaleSoft .NET

Encompassing more than scale traffic monitoring, ScaleSoft .NET can track materials, sales orders, invoices, and more.

T401S Indicator

From parts counting to general weighing needs, the T401S's straightforward design makes it easy for anyone to operate.

T403S Indicator

With a full keypad, USB connection, and optional wireless Ethernet, the T403S is pivotal for flawless connectivity.

T405S Indicator

Designed for industrial applications that require advanced weighing routines and high connectivity.

T405S Axle Weighing Kiosk Package

The T405P Axle Weighing Kiosk Package empowers drivers with the ability to weigh their trucks without getting out of the vehicle - making the process safe and efficient.

Centurion Truck Scale

Since 2002, the Centurion represents the heaviest built and most durable truck scale on the market. The Centurion is our flagship product and offers many unique and customizable features.

Portable Truck Scale

Portable Centurion and Hybrid models are designed to be moved. These scales are equipped with a full self-contained portability frame and two integral-reinforced bulkheads.
Ready To Scale Your Business?

Ready To Scale Your Business?

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