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How Much are You Really Losing?
Truck scales are an essential tool for many industries, providing accurate measurements of the weight of goods and materials being transported. Unfortunately, if these scales are not properly calibrated or naturally tend to fall out of calibration, it can lead to several negative consequences.

For starters, incorrect measurements can lead to inaccurate billing. If a truck scale is out of calibration the weight of goods being transported will not be accurately measured, leading to inaccurate charges being applied to the customer. This can be a major problem down the road if it's determined that the customer was shorted on product. Unfortunately, this is usually only uncovered in a future audit, and nobody likes audits! Likewise, no company wants to find that they have given away substantial amounts of their own product either.
Check out our loss calculators to see just how much an inaccurate scale is costing you.
Furthermore, out-of-calibration truck scales can also lead to safety issues. If the weight of a truck is miscalculated, it can cause the truck to be overloaded, which can lead to serious accidents and injuries due to the heavier truck not being able to stop as quickly. This is one of the top reasons cited for truck accidents in America! And if the truck in question is carrying hazardous materials, this makes the situation that much more dangerous.

As you can see, a truck scale that is out of calibration can present a few different issues. It's when these issues drag on without the owner knowing about them that usually results in legal issues as well. Our CPD-M Digital Load Cells are proven to be the most accurate load cells in the world. Along with an industry-leading warranty and full lightning protection, one of the things we hear the most is how long B-TEK scales hold their calibration. This means less downtime and increased efficiencies for your operation.
Contact us today to learn how we can help alleviate the concern of owning an inaccurate scale.
Steve Coddington
Steve Coddington
Northeast Regional Manager
Steve started in the scale industry as a service tech for 10 years before moving into sales. He's an alumnus of Bryant & Stratton with an electronic background. Read More

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