• B-TEK utilizes the power of advanced technology through fully-digital components, live monitoring systems and cloud-based software, bringing you the smartest, most advanced truck scales on the market. TruDigital, powered by B-TEK Nexia™, takes weighing to the next level.

    Where Brain Meets Brawn

    When combining B-TEK’s industry-leading and long-lasting truck scale design with patented digital load cell and indicator technology, and powering the system with live-monitoring software, you have the smartest scale system on the market. TruDigital scales empower you with valuable data that can be utilized to realize efficiencies within weighing processes and procedures.

    data icon   Data - CPD-M TruDigital load cells house a nexus of information, allowing for continuous monitoring of temperature, voltage, inclination and many other variables sent directly to the cloud.
    accuracy icon   Accuracy - Deliver optimized weighing results in less than a hundredth of a second and at 10-pound increment measurements - twice the precision of analog scales.
    monitoring icon   Monitoring - The core of TruDigital is Nexia, B-TEK’s live monitoring software. Nexia analyzes data and reports information into trends and scale performance, providing better insight into your scales.
    access icon   Access - With portal access from anywhere, you can rely on TruDigital information to be there when you need it most.

    Maximize Uptime - Stay up and weighing with service alerts, hermetically sealed load cells, temperature compensation, lighting protection and more.

    Minimize Downtime - Get back up and weighing quickly with dual calibration storage, independent load cell configuration, service alerts, error logging, troubleshooting guidance and more.