Available with rubber mat interior flooring and two hinged doors for safe and easy accessibility. The B-TEK Small Animal Livestock Scale offers reliable weighing for a wide range of small livestock with a capacity of 1,000 or 2,500 lb. Ideal for veterinary practices, agriculture organizations, research centers, county fairs, and operations that do not require a multi-animal scale, the B-TEK Small Animal Livestock Scale is versatile to meet the needs of the environment and animal.


  • NTEP COC: 94-092A3
  • Type: Above ground
  • Scale Height: 4-3/8” nominal
  • Available Sizes - 2’ x 4’ and 2’ x 6’
  • Weighbridge - 1/4” steel deck plate with formed channel sub-structure, rubber barn mat bolted to deck
  • Racking - Square tube steel with kick plate
  • Gates - Full width slide gate at each end of scale
  • Finish - Alkyd Enamel paint system
  • Electrical Junction Box: NEMA 4 box with signal trim summing board


Small Animal Livestock Scale

Options & Accessories

Female Sensorlink Cable - 5 Feet
Product Code: 861-000011
Male Sensorlink Cable - 20 Feet
Product Code: 861-000010
Small Animal Livestock Scales Wheel Kit
Product Code: Carbon Steel Wheel Kit

Custom Available Options

  • Ramps and bump-guard with foot retainer plates
  • Wheel/Caster kit
  • Hinged doors/Slide gates
  • Calibration options
  • Weld seal and hermetic load cell options
  • Quick disconnect cable

Frequently Asked Questions

• 3-Years on weighbridge steel structure
• 2-Years on load cells, junction box, and summing board


Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture and Farming

Scales for farms, co-ops and production facilities are just a few of the areas we service in the agricultural market.