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4 x 4 vs. 5 x 5 Floor Scales


“Ladies and gentlemen!”

“Weighing in at 16 sq. feet and fighting out of the lightweight corner… the 4 x 4 floor scale!”

“And in this corner…”

“Weighing in at 25 sq ft. and fighting out of the heavyweight corner… the 5 x 5 floor scale!”

Have you ever gone looking for a simple floor scale to weigh pallets, only to be confused by whether you need a 5’ x 5’ or 4’ x 4’ model? You are not alone. There are many before you that have the same questions. This article is meant to provide a brief comparison while giving you confidence to make the correct decision when shopping for a standard floor.

The two contenders have been conditioned for a tough fight. Their tough paint system and rugged construction has them ready to take on whatever blows come their way. They’re both agile, quick, precise and keep their feet firmly planted at all times.

These two fighter’s cards are very similar with the reach advantage going to the 5 x 5 floor scale with 25 sq. feet.

With the 4 x 4 floor scale being the most common scale purchased, the 5 x 5 has a slight advantage of being able to accommodate the full length of a pallet jacket without fear of rolling off the back of the scale. As we say with truck scales, trucks aren’t getting any shorter, and pallets by the same token aren’t getting any smaller. If you have the room then you should strongly consider the 5’ x 5’.

wheels off

With the exception of the additional surface area and the extra cost of the 5 x 5 floor scale, these two powerhouses may seem similar from most manufacturers. One exception would be since 4 x 4 models are more mass produced, manufacturers may try to use thinner deck plate that is more widely available. This naturally makes the scale less durable and exposed to more deflection of the weighbridge which will result in more inconsistent weights. You may also find cheaper components and less durable feet on the everyday 4 x 4 models, this will cost you in the long run!



“Ladies and gentlemen. We have a winner. With additional surface area and added safety, the judges have awarded a TKO to the 5 x 5!” 

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