Floor Scales

B-TEK Scales, LLC is the right choice when it comes to floor scales. B-TEK has everything you need from light industrial scales to heavy duty floor scales to help make your weighing application seamless. Not sure what type of scale you need? B-TEK excels in the ability to design and build custom floor scales to fit any application you have in mind. The customization of size and capacity are endless...

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Clydesdale Floor Scale
Workhorse Floor Scale
RPS Floor Scale
  • RPS Floor Scale
  • Low-profile scale that uses suspension style weighing while utilizing a self-aligning load cell, resulting in more precise accuracy
Clydesdale Stainless Steel Lift Deck
Clydesdale Matrix UW Lift Deck
  • Clydesdale Matrix UW Lift Deck
  • Stainless steel material, no formed channels, and structural solid welds makes this scale the ultimate washdown scale
4 Square Floor Scale
  • 4 Square Floor Scale
  • The standard 48” x 48” platform with 5000 lb capacity is the most common size required for industry
WorldWEIGH Floor Scale
  • WorldWEIGH Floor Scale
  • NTEP-approved complete floor scale package for warehouse shipping/receiving areas, commercial facilities, and light industrial locations
Air Cargo Scale
  • Air Cargo Scale
  • Found at freight companies and cargo hubs for all major US Airlines
Drum Scale
  • Drum Scale
  • Low-profile weighing surface ideal for pallet jacks, dollies, wheeled carts and storage drums rolled on end
  • Weigh-A-Round
  • Portable platform scale for mobile weighing applications
Weigh Rails
  • Weigh Rails
  • Ideal for all types of farm and animal weighing applications
Patient Scale
  • Patient Scale
  • This scale is for weighing dialysis patients before and after treatment on foot or by wheelchair
Portable Hopper Scale
  • Portable Hopper Scale
  • From fertilizers to grains, this Hopper Scale is the right choice for agriculture customers