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Data Studio

Modify, import, and export data from DD indicators. Data Studio is backward compatible with B-TEK Common Library which includes the server components.

*Requires the server component to be enabled and the DD indicator to be on the same network as the computer attempting to access it.

Feature Set:

View data remotely from any computer (max 3 PCs)

View weight on the DD indicator (only the connected device)

Zero, Reboot (requires the device to be functional)

Export data into Excel/CSV by table

Add/Edit and Delete data from the DD database

Import data from excel or csv file into the DD database

Data Wedge

Modify, import and export data from the T419 indicator over TCP/IP or serial connections.

Relay Server

Remotely view and manage multiple scales through a single online portal in real-time. Accept scale weights through TCP/IP or serial connections

ScaleSuite™ Business Management

ScaleSuite is a cutting-edge business management platform designed by and for the scale service industry.

Nexia™ Live Monitoring

Nexia is a cloud-based platform that provides full insight into scale performance.