Our galvanizing process uses a proprietary formulation of molten metals that produces the most consistent coating thickness available while also creating an even, enduring finish. Part of a four-step, hot-dipped galvanizing process, it meets ASTM A123, ASTM A153 and ASTM B6 requirements to deliver high quality zinc coatings on ferrous materials.

A thorough inspection of the scale is completed to ensure proper drainage and venting. Once in the staging area, careful handling ensures the material is transported efficiently and effectively through the initial cleaning process.

Cleaning is a critical part of the process which begins with a complete immersion in a hot alkali solution to remove organic compounds and dirt. Next, acid pickling removes imperfections. Finally, fluxing eliminates surface oxides to promote intermetallic development.

Hot-dip Galvanizing
The scale is submerged in a bath of molten zinc until it reaches 840° F (449° C). At this point, the zinc reacts with the steel to form zinc/iron intermetallic layers on all surfaces inside and out.

Post-dip Quality Inspection
The galvanized scale is cleaned, weighed and carefully inspected. Calibrated instrumentation ensures quality standards are met and coating thickness, appearance and compliance with ASTM specifications are all reviewed before final approval.