The open bed test truck is designed to fit your existing truck chassis, or can be furnished with complete installation on truck of your choice. Available in a variety of lengths, and is meant to fit a test cart as well us up to twenty test weights inside, depending upon the length of the bed, and the truck's gross weight capacity.

Standard 17' length accommodates twenty (20) 1K standard block weights and a 3,000 LB. to 5,000 LB. test cart (weights and cart sold separately)

Chassis: Can be supplied with a new truck chassis (various models available) by B-TEK, or customer can supply a new or used chassis for use (call for additional information)


  • Fixed boom design with hydraulic winch and lifting bar
  • Test weight containment frame for securing test weights
  • Hold-down assemblies for test cart
  • Rear driver side controls location
  • Underbody weight rack assembly for 50 LB. test weights
  • Underbody aluminum tool boxes (typically supplied with two)
  • DOT required lighting
  • Spotlight located on boom
  • Custom lettering for company identification