B-TEK Scales Testing Products Division is part of an ISO-rated company located in Canton, OH. B-TEK Scales, LLC has more than 100 years of innovative design and manufacturing experience that goes into all of our products which give you the most accurate weight scales. Our design process addresses the specific weight test requirements of the application and develops products to meet those requirements. Our state-of-the-art test carts are equipped to provide the best product testing for your weighing operations.

When you are able to accommodate or require a larger test cart, B-TEK offers a larger 6-wheel test cart. With an empty cart weight of between 5,000 and 6,000 lb, this 6-wheel test cart is a four-wheel drive. It is capable of holding 32 standard 1,000-pound block weights within its basket area, for a gross capacity between 37,000 and 38,000 lb.

Certification: Meets NIST specifications and tolerances for new field standard test carts per Handbook 105-8

Cart Weight:
Standard calibrated cart weight (empty): 5000 lb.
Optional weight (empty): 5500, 6000 lb.
Basket Cap: Capable of holding (32) thirty-two 1000 lb. test weights

Standard basket inside dimensions: 66" W x 66" L x 30" H
6-wheel cart wheel center dimensions: 57-1/2" L x 56-1/2" W


  • Engine: Gasoline-powered, 688 cc, air-cooled, electric start
  • Center mounted engine for better lifting balance
  • Hydraulic torque hub drive and hydraulic power steering
  • Auto brakes when not under power
  • Pressurized oil filtering system
  • NIST required calibrated fuel tank
  • NIST required sealed 12 volt battery assembly
  • Sealable shot ballast tank and sealable hydraulic fluid tank
  • 21" D x 6" W smooth tires
  • Hour meter on engine
  • Folding operator stair assembly