The Heart of a Successful Weighing Operation: How the CPD-M Digital Load Cell Surpasses the Competition

Analog Load Cell

Offering unprecedented performance and accuracy, the CPD-M Digital Load Cell is housed in a laser-welded, stainless steel housing for utmost environmental protection. A poly-coated stainless steel sheath prevents moisture and rodent damage to the integral cable. The cell design provides direct weight measurement without the need for mechanical linkages.


Maximum Application Flexibility

The B-TEK CPD-M Digital Load Cell is a compressed load cell design. The cell does not require any type of mechanical linkage or suspension parts to transfer the load onto the cell. This direct loading method eliminates the chances of mechanical binding or wear on extra suspension parts that can cause weighing errors.

The CPD-M cell has two levels of transient voltage protection. Heavy ground straps provide a path for transient voltages around the cell. The non-metallic isolation disc under the load cell provides no voltage path to earth ground through the cell body. The CPD-M cell can be supplied with any of B-TEK’s truck scales.

Reliable Construction

The CPD-M Digital Load Cells are built using an exclusive, elastic element which provided endless, important advantages, such as the compensation for errors due to inclination caused by thermal expansion and elastic deformation of the weighbridge. This elastic element provides for a significant increase in reliability over time as no semi-conductor strain gauges are required which are instead used in all the other products present on the market.

The entire cell, from the central body to the casing, is made in highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The connection cable inlet is embedded in and protected by high-insulation, damp-proof, bi-component silicone resins.

Accuracy and Stability

CDR-M Digital output is superior to traditional digital load cells. The on-board microprocessor uses temperature and linearity compensation data stored during production testing to insure accuracy much greater than any digital load cells.

Production Testing

The CPD-M Digital Load Cell is the heart of a scale platform. Robustness and long-term reliability of the cell is paramount. That is why every CPD-M Digital Load Cell undergoes many hours of cycle and accuracy test procedures prior to production completion.

Produced in Italy

Every CPD-M Digital Load Cell is produced in a state of the art production environment located in Campogalliano, Italy. Our facility ensures every CPD-M Digital Load Cell meets the highest quality standards.

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