Clydesdale Stainless Steel Lift Deck
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Clydesdale Stainless Steel Lift Deck

Product Code: 911-5109

B-TEK's Stainless Steel Lift Deck floor scale is ideal in heavy wash down environments, such as chemical plants, zoos and veterinarians, as well as food processing plants. The lift deck is equipped with gas shocks to help aid in the lifting process, making it easy to raise and lower by a single operator. The stainless-steel pit frame allows for easy access for wash down cleaning and can help eliminate the amount of buildup that can become trapped over time.

White Paper: How to Improve Your Washdown Process
  • NTEP COC: 94-092A3
  • Type: Above ground or pit
  • Scale Capacity: 2,500 - 5,000 lb
  • End Load Capacity: 80% for 2.5K capacity / 100% for 5K capacity
  • Scale Height: 4-3/8" nominal height, adjustable
  • Available Sizes: 3' x 3' - 4' x 6' - Custom sizes upon request
  • Weighbridge: 1/4" 304 stainless steel SMOOTH plate with structural tube frame
  • Deck: Lifting handles on top plate with dual gas shocks to aid in raising
  • Finish: All exposed surfaces are media blasted to a clean, consistent appearance
  • Load Cell: Stainless steel (IP67), 350 Ohms, 3.0mV/V
  • 2.5K capacity: (4) 1,000 lb
  • 5K capacity: (4) 2,500 lb cells by request in Clydesdale
  • 5K capacity: (4) 4,000 lb cells standard in Clydesdale
  • Optional hermetically sealed (IP68) cells are available for any capacity listed above
  • Leveling foot: B-TEK stainless steel ball encapsulated foot - 2.5" diameter base
  • Junction Box: Side access NEMA 4 junction box with signal trim summing board