Off Road Vehicle Scale
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Off Road Vehicle Scale

Product Code:Heavydutytruckscale_group

Each B-TEK Off Road Vehicle Scale is built to withstand intense traffic and heavy loads.  Designed for use in the mining, aggregate, and steel industries, this scale can handle loads up to 400,000 lb. The B-TEK Off Road Vehicle Scale combines a robust design with cutting edge technology to provide the most accurate and reliable solution in the market.
  • COC: 92-195A4
  • Type: Above ground heavy duty and pit installation
  • Scale Capacity: Up to 400,000 lb
  • Concentrated Load Capacity: 120,000 lb and 150,000 lb
  • Scale Height: 40” nominal 
  • Available Widths: 8’ - 16’ Single piece weighbridge and 16’ - 32' split platform weighbridge
  • Weighbridge Deck: 120,000 CLC: 3/8” tread plate decking or 150,000 CLC: 1/2” tread plate decking
  • Steel Preparation/Paint: Commercial blast cleaning SSPC-SP6; Cross-Linked two-part Epoxy - 2 to 4 mil primer base coat; Two-part UV resistant Polyurethane - 2 to 4 mil top coat
  • Load Cell: 77,000 lb CPD-M digital compression column load cell, RS-485 digital output Stainless steel hermetically sealed (IP68) construction or 77,000 lb CPR-M analog compression column load cell, 700 Ohm, 2 mV/V Stainless steel hermetically sealed (IP68) construction
  • Load Cell Cable: Stainless steel sheathed cable with clear polymer coating and water-tight connectors
  • Electrical: Junction Box (Digital) NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure(s) and 8-cell terminal board with GDT surge protection or (Analog) NEMA 4X FRP and B-TEK 4-cell summing board with GDT surge protection
  • Surge Protection: CPD-M & CPR-M load cells utilize ground straps and base plate isolation discs. Built-in surge protection enhanced by Tripp Lite Isobar Ultra 4-Outlet AC line transient protection device and two in-line serial port surge protection devices.