Test Equipment

B-TEK Scales Testing Products Division is part of our ISO-rated company located in Canton, OH. B-TEK Scales, LLC has more than 100 years of innovative design and manufacturing experience that goes into all of our products which give you the most accurate weight scales. Our design process addresses the specific weight test requirements of the application and develops products to meet those requirements.

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Test Trucks
  • Test Trucks
  • B-TEK
  • B-TEK test trucks are available in a variety of of lengths and is meant to fit a test cart as well us up to twenty test weights inside.
Test Carts
  • Test Carts
  • B-TEK
  • B-TEK Scales state-of-the-art test carts are equipped to provide the best product testing for your weighing operations.
Rail Test Cart
  • Rail Test Cart
  • B-TEK
  • B-TEK manufactures rail scale test carts for use with commercial rail and rail-combo scales.
Truck / Rail Combo Cart