Pay-to-Weigh Program

Product Code:899-PAYTOWEIGH

The B-TEK Pay-to-Weigh Software is an innovative and more flexible approach compared to older, cash-based systems. The software accepts all major credit cards and can utilize peripherals such as cameras, intercoms, photo eyes, and scoreboards for the weighing process.

In today’s world, even vending machines accept credit cards. Why shouldn’t your pay-to-weigh system? With cash based systems, you increase the possibility of problems with the amount of moving parts needed to accept and dispense cash and or change.

Additionally, security is a major concern with these systems as theft and vandalism present major vulnerabilities for owners. However, with B-TEK’s innovative approach to pay-to-weigh, all these concerns are alleviated by a securely designed architecture that mitigates exposure of theft. The IP-based camera (optional) can be used to take pictures of any activity on the electronic weight scale. The software is specifically designed to not store any transactional data that could be compromised.