Single Point Load Cell

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Tedea-Huntleigh 1250 High Capacity Single-Point
Flintec PCB Single-Point Load Cell
ZEMIC L6D Single-Point Load Cell
ZEMIC L6N Single-Point Load Cell
Tedea-Huntleigh 1010 Single-Point
Flintec PC6 Single-Point Load Cell
WorldWEIGH C300 Load Cell
WorldWEIGH C100 Load Cell
Tedea-Huntleigh 1042 Single-Point
WorldWEIGH C200 Load Cell
  • WorldWEIGH C200 Load Cell
  • WorldWEIGH
  • Suitable for industrial and trade use, the WorldWEIGH C200 is a shear beam load cell ideal for floor scales. Its capacities range from 50 to 500 kg.

Tedea-Huntleigh 1040 Low Capacity Single-Point
Tedea-Huntleigh 1260 High Capacity Single- Point
Tedea-Huntleigh 1022 Single-Point