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Chrome Steel Ball Bearing
  • Chrome Steel Ball Bearing
  • These chrome steel ball bearings have excellent surface quality and offer superior wear resistance.
Black Jacket Load Cell Isolator
  • Black Jacket Load Cell Isolator
  • The Black Jacket Load Cell Isolator helps to prevent damage to load cells, indicators, and/or peripherals from power surges by electrically separating the mechanical assembly from its tension mounted load cell.
Clevis Mount Block Complete with Pin / Jam Nut
  • Clevis Mount Block Complete with Pin / Jam Nut
  • Available in zinc-plated or stainless steel, the Clevis Mount Block comes with the pin/jam nut, two cotter pins, two Teflon insulating washers, and one 4/20 machine screw for termination of grounding strap.
Connecting Link
  • Connecting Link
  • Available in zinc or clear-chrome-plated, the connecting link is made of drop-forged steel for superior strength.
Coupling Nut Grade 2 Zinc Plated
Eye Nut Drop Forged Carbon Self Colored
Stainless Steel Load Cell Button
Stainless Steel Load Cell Cup
  • Stainless Steel Load Cell Cup
  • This heat-treated, stainless steel load cup is a positioning piece to provide increased accuracy point loading for single-point load cells.
Load Receiver Plate Assembly
Rod End Ball Joints Static Radial Load
Isolated S-Type Tension Alignment / Swivel Isolator
Stainless Steel Threaded Adapter with Jam Nuts