The High-Resolution Counting Scale (HRCS) combines exceptional accuracy, reliability, and robustness in a single design. The HRCS can be set up as a high-resolution counting scale, high-resolution check weighing scale, or a high-resolution standalone bench scale.

*Photo is shown with the optional keypad.


  • Non-NTEP
  • Standard capacities: 2, 10, 70 and 175 lb
  • *1, 5, 20, 50 and 100 lb capacities available through custom setup. Requires part number 825-300199 to configure and calibrate.
  • 1 billion internal count resolution using the high accuracy of the Quartzell transducer
  • Aluminum die-cast clamshell base with 1100% overload and shock protection
  • Available applications:
  • Counting application with 40 PLU piece weight data storage (keypad required)
  • Checkweighing
  • High Resolution Balance for general weighing
  • (3) Stainless steel weighing platter with adjustable Feet
  • Backlit display with seven 0.5 inch segments
  • Units: lb, kg, g, oz, and custom
  • Ports: Comes standard with (2) Serial ports, (1) Ethernet, (3) Inputs and (3) Outputs
  • (2) RS232 serial ports (green connector)
  • (1) Mini USB VCP port: connected in parallel with COM2 or consumes COM2 if used
  • (1) Ethernet port (local base: client or server. Dual base: server only)
  • (1) Analog port (green connector) only active when optional 5V analog card is fitted
  • (1) Side RJ45 connector dedicated for remote keyboard only
  • (1) 9V DC power socket to allow the base or indicator to be powered from the DC socket on the rear of the base or directly from the rear of the indicator


  • Checkweighing


HRCS Literature
HRCS Spec Sheet
HRCS Options List
Bench Scale Comparison

Options & Accessories

10' Remote Cable To Extend HRCS Indicator From HRB Base (Rj45 Both Ends)
Product Code: 825-300074
20 In HRCS To HRB Connection Cable Rj45 On Each End
Product Code: 825-300126
25' Remote Cable To Extend HRCS Indicator From HRB Base (Rj45 Both Ends)
Product Code: 825-300075
50' Remote Cable To Extend HRCS Indicator From HRB Base (Rj45 Both Ends)
Product Code: 825-300076
Btools Configuration And Development Software
Product Code: 825-300125
HRCS .5Amp Spst Normally Open Dry Contact Relay
Product Code: 825-300059
HRCS / HRB Ball Top Shroud Only Available For 12" X 14" Scales
Product Code: 825-300038
HRCS / HRB Clamp Down Plate Kit
Product Code: 825-300039
HRCS / HRB Glass Draft Shield 2-10 Lb Models
Product Code: 825-300037
HRCS / HRB Rear Light Bracket
Product Code: 825-300073
HRCS / HRB Rear Plate Protector
Product Code: 825-300045
HRCS / HRB Stack Light Red Ip67 With Audible Alarm
Product Code: 825-300052
HRCS / HRB Stack Light Red, Yellow, Green Ip67 With Audible Alarm
Product Code: 825-300051
HRCS / HRB Underhook 2-10 Lb, 6" Diameter Only
Product Code: 825-300036
HRCS / HRB Underhook 70 Lb 9" X 12" Base Only
Product Code: 825-300044
HRCS 10 To 32 Ac/DC Volt Input Module
Product Code: 825-300055
HRCS 120/240 Vac Output Module
Product Code: 825-300058
HRCS 2.5 To 28 DC Volt Input Module
Product Code: 825-300054
HRCS 2Nd Scale Analog Option Card
Product Code: 825-300084
HRCS 5 To 60 DC Volt Output Module
Product Code: 825-300057
HRCS 90 To 140 Ac/DC Vold Input
Product Code: 825-300056
HRCS Column 15"
Product Code: 825-300042
HRCS Column 23"
Product Code: 825-300043
HRCS Counting Scale Power Cord
Product Code: 825-300121
HRCS Counting Scale Power Supply
Product Code: 825-300120
HRCS Internal Rechargeable Battery Kit
Product Code: 825-300063
HRCS Opto Board Enclosure Ip69K
Product Code: 825-300123
HRCS Opto Board Only (3 Inputs/3 Outputs) Ac/DC
Product Code: 825-300124
HRCS Remote Numeric Keypad
Product Code: 825-300048
HRCS Replacement Indicator
Product Code: 825-300000
HRCS To Pc Usb Cable 10'
Product Code: 825-300127
HRCS Wired Barcode Scanner - Usb & RS232
Product Code: 825-300049
HRCS Wireless Controlled Scanner With Charger/Cradle - Usb & RS232
Product Code: 825-300050
HRCS Wireless Ethernet Communication Module & Antenna
Product Code: 825-300085
Hrsc Indicator Desk Or Wall Bracket
Product Code: 825-300071
RS232 Interconnect Cable HRCS Base To HRB Base 10' (Rj45 To Stripped Ends)
Product Code: 825-300032
RS232 Interconnect Cable HRCS Base To HRB Base 25' (Rj45 To Stripped Ends)
Product Code: 825-300033
RS232 Interconnect Cable HRCS Base To HRB Base 50' (Rj45 To Stripped Ends)
Product Code: 825-300034
Scanner Serial Com Cable Assembly
Product Code: 825-300080
Serial Com Cable Assembly - 5'
Product Code: 825-300081
Serial Com Cable Assembly - S 10'
Product Code: 825-300082

Replacement Parts