UNMATCHED EXCELLENCE. B-TEK manufactures a full line of the longest lasting truck scales, rail scales, and floor scales on the market. B-TEK also manufactures industry-leading industrial scales and weighing equipment for any application. Due to B-TEK’s wide range of options and materials, we are a leading provider of high quality industrial scales.

EXPERIENCE. B-TEK has a proud history that reaches back further than its 1994 inception. With multi-generational trade experience, the B-TEK team brings over 75 years of industry know-how to the table. This long-term knowledge of the weighing industry enables B-TEK Scales to focus on innovation and developing high quality solutions for our customers.

TECHNOLOGY. In 2003, B-TEK announced a joint venture with the Bilanciai Group of Modena, Italy, the largest truck scale manufacturer in the world. The Bilanciai Group’s advanced manufacturing techniques, combined with B-TEK’s outstanding product lines, provides customers with the highest quality and longest lasting scales in the world.

EXTENSIVE PRODUCT LINE. B-TEK offers an extensive line of truck scales spanning across all industry applications and sizes. As a comprehensive scale manufacturing company, B-TEK designs and builds solutions for a wide range of industries such as agricultural, logistics, industrial, steel, coal, waste, recycling, and aggregate. B-TEK has the ability to manufacture standard and custom scales in full electronic digital, analog, and electro-mechanical configurations.

CUSTOMIZATION. B-TEK is proud to be known for its ability to manufacture high quality, custom scale platforms. From nonstandard sizes to retrofitted components, B-TEK’s commitment to quality and service will deliver a product that fits seamless within our customers’ current configurations.

ADVANCED MANUFACTURING. Through the use of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques the Centurion-DT continues to set the standard of quality within the truck scale industry. From B-TEK’s plasma cutting table designed to hold aircraft quality tolerances to our steel cleaning and painting line, each and every operation is designed to build the most reliable truck scales on the market.

HIGH QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP. B-TEK’s truck scales are assembled by highly skilled individuals who bring decades of experience to each operation. Combine these individuals with a culture dedicated to high quality and the result is a weighbridge constructed with a level of accuracy that cannot be matched.