How B-TEK Scales, LLC’s Grain Dump Solutions Can Optimize Harvesting Profits

Grain Dump ConcreteThe increased daylight and temperature not only indicate springtime, it marks a change of pace for the agricultural industry. With harvests right around the corner, let B-TEK Scales, LLC take the weight of weighing off your shoulders.

An inaccurate scale can decrease profits and productivity, and possibly lead to hefty transportation fines. From grain dump systems to hopper scales, we have everything to keep your weighing operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Our grain dump systems permit you get your heavy weight and your light weight readings in one pass through without having to drive onto the scale twice. The grain dump design saves on space by having an all-in-one grain dump, grain elevator, and scale site.

This grain dump scale solution itself is less expensive than a regular full-size truck scale. In addition, the whole process of weighing and dumping only takes 7 minutes. Furthermore, our lightening and surge protection ensures that our equipment can sustain in the harshest environments.

Don’t let the stress of harvesting weigh you down, our knowledgeable engineers and sales representatives are on-hand to answer any questions and to produce the best weighing solution to fit your needs.

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