How B-TEK Scales’ DD 2050 weighing terminal revolutionized a power company’s scale houses and operations

DD 2050

Transforming standard scale houses and operations, B-TEK Scales, LLC provided solutions for a power station with the installation of DD 2050 weighing terminals and RFID cards to the existing B-TEK truck scales during November 2015.

Searching for solutions to improve scale house flow and efficiency, this organization turned to B-TEK to address their challenges with: management of data, manual information transfers and a poorly functioning barcode scanner. The original system required an extensive paper trail.

To resolve its challenges with its current scale operations, Paul Host, an account manager, recommended the use of RFID badges, DD 2050 weighing terminals and a new system that seamlessly recorded data in ScaleSoft.Net. As an added bonus, this new system produced a daily report detailing the previous day’s activities.

The DD 2050 weighing terminal is an industrial PC where a user can carry out the weighing operations independently, without the presence of a scale house operator. The user can be identified by several device types (i.e. magnetic, optical, RFID or proximity), and this self-service weighing terminal can report various information to specified individuals.

Now at this power plant, drivers pull up to the DD 2050 and use an RFID card for identification. The weighing terminal will then prompt the driver through the weighing process with graphic and text-based operating sequences to properly load and unload the truck.

Information to the DD 2050 is saved securely and transferred to the operations department. The built-in tape printer can then administer a transaction receipt directly to the driver so there is no need to exit the truck, which leads to more efficient operations all around.

From project conception to the end of training, this project occurred over four weeks as typical projects of this caliber usually take four to six weeks for completion.

The install took less than a day to set up four DD 2050 weighing terminals and 700 RFID cards. During the on-site install, B-TEK made the necessary adjustments to ensure the system functioned exactly how the power company desired.

Immediately following the installation, B-TEK software technicians spent hours on-site training the power plant scale operators, administrators, managers and drivers to establish success with the computer system and employees.

This solution allowed two positions on each shift to become repurposed for more valuable as the scale houses are now unattended. Additionally, all reporting is seamlessly streamlined through ScaleSoft.Net, which the entire facility can access at any time.

Future enhancements for the facility include the addition of 17 tablets for corporate trucks so the drivers do not have to lean out of the truck during the weighing process. The app will be open all the time communicating with ScaleSoft.Net while on the facility’s network.